I am not a retailer. Why would I need a card processing machine?

Of course the most common place that we will find card processing machines is in retail stores. There are not many retail stores around the United Kingdom that do not use card processing  for retail, most customers out there prefer to pay using their credit card or debit card as it is seen as a quicker, more convenient and safer way to process a transaction. With the high turnover of customers in a retail store card processing machines represent a very efficient way of making sure that customer payments can be processed quickly so that other customers do not become impatient and end up leaving the store. However, it is not only retail businesses that should consider credit card processing for small business , a card processing machine can come in handy for a variety of different companies that are not involved in the retail market, from bars and restaurants  to businesses based in offices there are many uses that a credit card processing machine can have for non-retail based companies.

What other non-retail businesses can benefit from card processing machines?

There are quite a few businesses out side of retail that can benefit from credit card processing, especially for a small businesses. For example, if you are running a bar or a restaurant card processing machines are of the utmost important. If you do not have a card machine you are likely to find that a lot of customers may opt against coming to your establishment as they would rather not be forced to pay with cash. It is always important to offer customers the choice of how they would like to pay as it will make them feel more at ease, it also makes a lot more sense in a restaurant/table service environment as it means that your employees, the waiters and waitresses, can simply bring the wireless card machine to the customer allowing them to pay at their table, they can also leave a tip this way if they choose to which eliminates having to put all of the tips into a jar and allows them to be divided up in the pay cheques instead of using cash.

The same applies for bars, they are also a good example that card processing is not only for retail as card machines come in handy if the customers do not have cash and wish to pay for drinks by card, a lot of sales may be lost without a card processing machine.

For businesses that are run in offices they can come in handy too as they can be used to process invoice payments or to process sales over the phone. Before choosing a machine it is important that you compare all of the different credit card machines to ensure that you choose the right machine for your business and the needs of your employees and your customers.


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