Different kinds of chip and pin machines

The chip and pin machine has become a staple part of the shopping experience for most of us since its inception over a decade ago. Before chip and pin machines were introduced we were all quite used to and quite happy with the old swipe and sign method which now seem quite archaic. The original chip and pin machines were not the most versatile of payment methods, they almost always had to be wired in and attached to some sort of computer system or cash till and as with any new concept there were inevitably some teething problems, people forgetting pins, and shop assistants being unsure of how to process the transaction properly. Now that the machines have become such a mainstay in most stores, from big chain supermarkets to independent corner shops, there is now a bigger variety to choose from. You no longer have to settle for the same chip and pin machines as every other business, you can now choose the right kind of machine to suit how your business is run and what you can afford. There are a few significant differences between the machines that are worth knowing for when you do come to compare chip and pin machines for your business.

What are the different chip and pin machines on the market?

The standard and most popular chip and pin machines are the wired computer run machines. These are the ones that you will find in most retail stores that require customers to go up to the cash till in order to pay for their purchase. They are more often than not the cheapest of the chip and pin machines on the market and they run off of the same computer that will run the cash till, this means that whatever is scanned and comes up on the screen will then be able to be paid for using the chip and pin machine.

Bluetooth chip and pin machines are a newer addition to the group, these are often used in restaurants and bars where the employee will have to bring the machine to a customer that is sitting at a table or standing at the bar. They are often a bit bigger and more expensive than the standard wired machines but of course the main advantage of Bluetooth chip and pin machines is that they are completely mobile.

Mobile chip and pin machines have become more and more popular as they are quite reliable now, some work as Bluetooth chip and pin using Bluetooth to connect with a computer connection and other mobile chip and pin machines use GPRS or wireless technology similar to phones in order to connect and process the payment.

Are mobile chip and pin machines a better option than wired machines?

Yes they are often quite handy because they are so versatile but at the same time you will want to make sure they are not left anywhere as they are an easy target for thieves and they do cost a fair amount.


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