Improve business with PDQ machines

PDQ machines are speeding up the rate at which businesses can process card transactions, with most PDQ machines able to process a card payment in under six seconds.

PDQ stands for Process Data Quickly and the technology uses IP (Internet Protocol), Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or GPRS, meaning that PDQ machines can run off business Broadband or a mobile network at no extra cost for connection.

Using business Broadband also means the number of PDQ machines in use can be increased without additional cost during busy periods – vital for hospitality and leisure businesses which may take payments from customers at tables or a number of locations on the premises.

PDQ Machines – The Pros

Being able to process card payments within seconds and at no extra cost for Internet connection can not only increase takings, but also footfall. The sort of situations in which PDQ machines could help your business make money and save time are:

  • Trade fairs and exhibitions
  • Hotels, guest houses, restaurants, cafes, takeaways, ice cream vans, hot dog stands, food stalls, bars and clubs
  • Outdoor businesses such as gardening centres, markets, beach sellers and kiosks, car boot sales, stands at county shows
  • Small retail premises, including newsagents, corner shops, sandwich bars, nail bars, beauty parlours, tanning salons
  • Sole traders, including hairdressers, beauticians, trades people (plumbers, builders, electricians), personal tutors and personal trainers, Tarot readers and psychics, party entertainers.

What to look for in a PDQ terminal

Small business especially needs to add edge over larger competitors and a fast and secure card payment system can encourage customers to return – and also save money on accounting, as payment data will automatically be logged over a secure server.

The main features to look for when choosing PDQ machines and merchant services are:

  • Fast printing with a thermal printer
  • Abbreviated credit card numbers on the receipts for added security
  • Long life battery with charging dock option – expect to be able to process 200-300 transactions per charge, although some PDQs can process around 700 transactions per charge
  • Fast recharging (under an hour, preferably), plus in-car battery charger
  • PDQ machines usually have swipe technology – look for terminals with optional Chip and PIN for added security
  • Fast merchant processing services – eg payments into your business account within three working days.

Other options for PDQ machines include:

  • Contactless technology for “wave and pay” card processing when accepting amounts under £15 (over £15 and contactless card machines revert to Chip and PIN technology)
  • Optional Bluetooth technology allowing connection to a PDA
  • Cheque guarantee add-on (eg Transax)
  • PDQ machines can be stand alone systems or can be integrated into other payment systems such as EPoS or countertop payment terminals using Broadband
  • Hosted (virtual) merchant accounts with web reporting for automatic transaction logging.

PDQ machines are suitable for small business and start-ups – as well as SOHO (small office/home office) which trade at exhibitions or markets or accept occasional payments.

Larger business can also add PDQ card terminals to an existing payment processing system for a flexible solution to busy and seasonal peaks in trading. Click here to learn more terminology related to PDQ machines.

If you would like more information about how PDQ machines can help improve your business, complete the online enquiry form on our website for free quotes without obligation. Our agreed suppliers are based nationwide and are experts in SME business solutions – and your free quotes will be sent within 48 hours.

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