Can I hire a credit card reader?

Credit card reader hire is often a good option for a lot of companies, especially those smaller businesses or ones that are just starting out, buying a PDQ (Process Data Quickly) machine can be quite expensive especially if your require a fairly advanced machine such as a wireless chip and pin machine. In this section it is often quite beneficial to opt for PDQ machine rental as you are not having to pay a lump sum up front for the machines and often most PDQ machine rental firms will be able to advise you on the best kind of machine for your business as well as fitting them and providing any technical support or maintenance that you need if the machine is to malfunction. If you were to buy a machine instead of opting for chip and pin hire then it is up to you to sort out any maintenance or repairs that need doing as well as getting the machine working within your workplace which can be quite a complicated procedure unless you are fully aware of connections and access points, renting the machine can save you a lot of time and money so it really is a good option for most businesses.

What different options are there for credit card reader hire?

There are a whole variety of different option for chip and pin hire and it is important to evaluate all of them and compare card machines so that you can ensure that you get the right deal and the right machine for your business.

You can hire chip and pin machines for both short term and long term rental periods, for example if you are running a short one week event then you can hire a chip and pin machine for the length of the event so that you can process payments and then give it back only paying for that week. The same goes for other periods of time, if you only need one for a day or two there are plenty of rental firms that will allow for very short term PDQ machine rental.

The same goes for long term rental, if you are starting a restaurant or a bar and you think that you will need a chip and pin machine for an extended period of time then you can often get good deals on long term rental contracts that include replacement and repairs of the machines, some companies even do deals that allow you to get the machine free for a certain time period so long as you pay for it for a longer time period.

Is PDQ machine rental safe?

As long as you get your credit card reader hire from a trusted and registered supplier then it is a very safe and cost effective option, many of the firms will cover you if the machine is to be broken too as long as you ensure that this is in your rental contract.


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