The growing need for mobile credit card terminals

UK shoppers rely increasingly on debit and credit cards rather than cash for day-to-day purchases. At the grocer, the chemist or the restaurant, paying with a card has become the preferred payment method.

This means that card terminals are now required hardware for doing business, every bit as necessary as cash registers. But in some sectors a portable terminal is not enough: for some restaurants, market and outdoor traders, and taxi and delivery drivers, only a mobile card terminal can do the job.

Mobile terminals for an increasingly mobile business world

Mobile card terminals are to cash registers what mobile phones are to fixed lines: they liberate users to do business wherever they happen to be. All that’s needed is a mobile phone network.

  • Mobile terminals allow customers to pay by card no matter where you’re selling something
  • If you have no landline access, a mobile terminal will still permit you to accept card payments
  • Using a mobile terminal will eliminate the need to keep large amounts of cash on hand
  • Mobile terminals can also be used to accept card payments over the phone

What should you look for in a mobile card terminal?

  • Transaction security – a chip-and-PIN terminal drastically reduces your business’s exposure to credit card fraud from counterfeit or stolen cards
  • Flexibility – be sure your terminal accepts payments from all major card providers and that it is compatible with all major acquiring banks
  • Readability –operators must be able to reliably input transaction data even in a dark restaurant or at a sun-drenched seaside café
  • Transaction capacity – insist on a terminal that can process and store up to 1,000 transactions per month without slowing down or jamming up
  • Ease of use – it’s important to ensure that both operators and customers can easily hold and manipulate the device
  • Battery life – a long-lasting, fast-recharging battery pack will save you much trouble
  • Printing capacity – time-pressed diners or customers will appreciate your ability to generate their receipt in a flash, and your manager will thank you for a legible end-of-day report
  • Durability –even careful operators occasionally lose their grip and drop the terminal!
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