How EPoS terminals can help SMEs

EpoS terminals are revolutionising the way businesses operate, with real-time integrated solutions to link checkout and payments with credit control, stock control, CRM, HR and security software.

SMEs can benefit from installing EPoS terminals by saving on time and money wasted on poor stock control, staffing issues (eg staff cover, staff tracking, staff absenteeism, etc) and payroll expenditure.

Investing in EPoS Terminals – the Pros

Installing an EPoS terminal in many ways represents a new way of doing business. For SMEs this may mean a major investment – but EPoS terminals can pay for themselves within one year through clawing back wasted resources, including:

  • faster checkout procedures
  • integrated card payment solutions, including automatic logging of transactions
  • fewer miscalculations at the till and automatic till locking
  • monitoring of individual staff performance
  • improved stock control for stock refurbishment/monitoring of popular lines
  • less pilfering or shoplifting
  • no more lost or inaccurate data and personnel records
  • fewer accounts staff needed
  • improved time management and efficiency.

EPoS terminals can also relay information on the business network to any other location on the network – including remotely if you are working at home – meaning you are in touch with every aspect of your business when away from the office, from staff to security systems and stock control.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and EPoS

EPoS terminals also link to CRM software enabling SMEs to collect vital marketing information about customers and their spending patterns – as well as personal data for telephone ordering or re-ordering of favourite products. Other benefits of EPoS systems for SMEs include:

  • Linking CRM to EPoS and card payments terminals allows SMEs to target marketing campaigns and new products to the customers most likely to be interested, saving time and money
  • EPoS systems can also process online sales – essential for growth in SMEs, but without having to employ a separate workforce to cope with online transactions.
  • Sales time and new promotions can also be programmed using EPoS terminals, meaning getting new items out to the customer and old items off the stockroom shelves becomes more efficient and saves on shrinkage
  • Stock control software linked to an EPoS terminal can automatically flag up the need to re-order popular products – or when a regular customer is likely to re-order products, meaning a sale is never lost through lack of stock
  • EPoS terminals can log in staff accurately, meaning wages are estimated correctly, as well as overtime, holiday pay, sickness pay, etc.

Streamlining business systems and saving on just one annual salary could pay for an EPoS system within a year – without taking into account the savings made on more accurate checkout payments, payroll expenditure and enhanced security on card payment transactions.

If you would like more information about how EPoS terminals could help your SME save time and money, complete the online enquiry form on our website for free quotes without obligation within 48 hours. Our agreed suppliers are experts in SME business solutions and are based nationwide, so your business will be receiving the best advice on SME EPoS terminals.

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