How can a debit card reader benefit my business?

These days it is essential that your business accepts payment by card. Investing in a debit card reader will offer significant benefits to your business and ensure your customers do not shop elsewhere.

Improving where and how you can accept payment

One of the major benefits to using debit card readers is in the flexibility it offers for taking payments. Not only does it no longer limit your business to accepting just cash and cheque, with wireless and mobile devices, you can take your payment system to wherever the customer is. Debit card payment is rapidly becoming the most common form of paying for goods and services, your business needs to capitalise on this and be able to accept payment from any card and anywhere the customer wants to pay. If you do not offer this flexibility to your customers, they are likely to take their business to a competitor who does.

Improving customer service

One of the major benefits of a debit card reader is the instant improvements it provides to customer service. Making your clients feel valued and putting their needs first is key to winning and keeping business.

  • Investing in a debit card reader offers flexibility in how a customer can pay for their goods and services. This demonstrates how important their business is to you.
  • Rapidly speeds up payment at a till point, reducing queues.
  • Contactless payment options for certain low cost goods provide an even faster and more convenient way to pay.
  • All types of sale transactions can be carried out on a debit card reader, including refunds, cash back, gratuity and a range of pre pay options, so you don’t need to send your customer somewhere else or make them wait.
  • Customers are offered a professional way of paying for delivered goods or services as soon as they arrive, rather than taking lengthy card details manually over the phone, which is often time consuming and inaccurate.

Giving your customers security and peace of mind

All transactions are processed in front of the customer and payment is taken immediately, therefore, any problems can be dealt with swiftly and easily. The customer never needs to lose sight of their card, or pass on any personal information to the merchant, which makes paying with a debit card reader secure and less open to fraud.

How a debit card reader can save you money

Although every transaction carried out on a debit card reader will cost your business a fee, there is competition between banks to offer cheaper merchant rates, so a good deal can certainly be found which suits your business. The costs are very small compared to the benefits and the reader can actually save you money;

  • Processing non-secure payments costs your business money. The extra security features a debit card reader gives greatly helps to reduce this.
  • Because payment can be made faster, employee time can be utilised more effectively.
  • Reduces postage and paperwork fees associated with invoices and delayed payment.
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