How do I get a credit card machine for my small business?

Since chip and pin cards have been introduced it is very important for companies both big and small to be able to charge cards using card processing terminals. Many consumers go around armed only with their credit or debit card in order to make payments for things as it is an easy and secure way of making purchases and saves from having to carry around cash or make constant trips to cash machines.  Card machines are convenient both for customers and employees as they are a fast, convenient and trustworthy way of making or taking a payment, this is why credit card machines for small businesses in the UK are becoming increasingly important and increasingly popular.

There are a number of different options available when it comes to credit card processing for small businesses and you will want to ensure that you choose the correct option for your company. There are a number of different merchant services offering different options for card processing terminals and you should always look at and assess each of these options before deciding on what card processing machines you want for your small business. You might think that VISA machines for small business are a good option at first but other merchants may offer better options.

In store charges can be made at the point of sale (POS) swiping terminals and integration methods for websites may charge via the internet so for these reasons selecting the right system for your company is vitally important as it could drastically increase your company’s sales and profitability.

What is the process when investing in credit card machines for small businesses in the UK?

1         – Firstly you will need to choose a merchant service provider. There are two main options when it comes to merchants. The bank that holds your company’s accounts will usually provide merchant services but it might be a better option to use a third party payment processing service for more flexibility.

2         –  Make a decision as to what credit card processing option is best for your small business. If you are running a face to face retail business then a POS card processing terminal is usually the best option or you may wish to turn your computers into cash registers by purchasing dedicated payment processing software.

3         Purchase the software that you think suits the needs of your business best. Internet account integration will usually charge you a fee per transaction as well as a flat monthly rate whereas POS terminals will usually cost a one off payment of up to £500 depending on the terminal you choose.

4         Once this process is complete and you have gone through any of the necessary legal and credit checks you will then be able to integrate your credit card machines for small business in the UK with your company’s business model.


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