How does chip and pin work when the customer is not present?

Chip and pin has become a very fast and efficient way of performing transactions in shops, bars, restaurants and the like. Most of these kinds of establishments have chip and pin machines and more often than not, apart from in bars and pubs people do choose to pay using their chip and pin cards. Due to this high demand in this method of payment chip and pin machines for small businesses have become increasingly popular in that the smaller companies will not want to lose out on customers because they cannot pay using their chip and pin card.

The slight drawback with this method of payment of course is that the standard chip and pin transaction of the customer putting their card into the chip and pin machines and entering their pin cannot be performed if the customer is not there. There is currently no method of putting your 4 digit pin in online in order to pay for something, we still have to use the old method of entering our card details, security code, sort code etc. However, payments can still be made using the chip and pin machine by entering certain details meaning that searching for a cheap chip and pin provider is still a very good idea no matter what kind of business you are running.

How can a chip and pin machine be used to make payments even if the card/customer is not at the machine?

If you are using a chip and pin machine in an office or to process a payment over the telephone or online it still possible to take or make a payment using the machine. For example, if you have a customer trying to pay for a product over the telephone you can still take the payment without them having to be present to insert their chip and pin card into the machine and through the usual ritual. Instead you can ask them to read out the long number on their card as well as their sort code and security number, you can then process the transaction this way instead of having to have the card holder physically present and without having to get the customer to input all of their details into an internet browser to make the payment.

You can also pay invoices using this same method by entering the details of the account being paid into and the details of the account paying out. This service is especially handy for offices and makes the investment of a chip and pin machine worthwhile.

Does it make sense having a chip and pin machine for office use?

Yes it does make sense because it makes certain kinds of payments such as over the phone a lot easier to make as well as outgoing payments to be made by the office.


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