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Chip and PIN machines for small business remain one of the most popular solutions to small business credit card processing – not only because of the security Chip and PIN offers, but also the flexibility of use for small businesses.

Chip and PIN machines for small business can work for all types of companies, from SOHO (small office/home office) workers which accept card payments or trade at exhibitions, to market stallholders ad even private car hire or taxi cabs.

Chip and Pin Machines for Small Business – the Pros

Chip and PIN technology was first introduce in 2004 and has been common practice as a widespread payment solution in UK shops and businesses since 2006.

Chip and PIN machines for small business can service most types of SME businesses, including:

  • Retail premises – kiosks, bakeries and patisseries, small butchers and fishmongers, newsagents, card shops, corner shops, pop up shops, vintage shops, small antique dealers, secondhand shops
  • Mobile businesses and sole traders – window cleaners, hairdressers, beauticians, locksmiths, plumbers, gardeners, private tutors, builders, trades people, craft workers, drivers, cab services, car hire, entertainers, card readers and psychics, personal trainers, sports coaches, caterers
  • Hospitality businesses – small restaurants, guest houses, cafes, bars, sandwich bars and kiosks, tea shops, pop up restaurants, burger vans, ice cream vans, fish and chip shops
  • Leisure businesses – beauticians, tanning salons, hairdressers, health spas, chiropractors, osteopaths, sports masseurs, physiotherapists, dance schools, sports centres
  • Open air businesses – market traders, car boot dealers, gardeners, construction/building trades, window cleaners, farm shops, roadside cafes and traders, fruit picking sites, caravan parks, beach traders and kiosks.

Chip and PIN card machines for small business may include countertop (fixed) solutions, as well as portable (Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPRS) card processors, which can operate at restaurants tables or different areas of a business premises.

Around 95% of the population uses either debit or credits or both – and for small businesses, accepting card payments can make a huge difference to turnover, as well as increasing footfall and speeding up transactions, with no more impatient customers walking out through the door because of queues at the till.

Other credit card payment machine solutions for small businesses include:

  • Contactless Card Payment machines, which operate when a card is passed over the card reader, making payment quick and easy. Contactless credit card machines for small business use radio frequencies (Wi-Fi) and are especially useful for processing a quick succession of low-value transactions (under £15), such as sandwiches or newspapers and magazines (eg Vivopay 5000 terminal). Over £15 and the card reader reverts to Chip and PIN technology
  • A Chip and PIN card reader linked to an EPOS system can be integrated with security, CRM, HR, plus stock and credit control software. EPoS payment terminals can fully automate payment transactions, stock control, staffing and security on the shopfloor (eg Toshiba ST-A10 Integrated EPoS Terminal)
  • Touchscreen technology is also an increasingly popular addition to payment terminals, with pre-programmed product icons on touchscreen monitors speeding up the checkout process. Touchscreens with Chip and PIN capability are now also used for cashless kiosk transactions and when topping up payment cards using credit or debit cards eg travel cards and train tickets.

Merchant service plans for small businesses

To be able to use Chip and PIN card processing, a merchant account is needed, which will charge a monthly fee for the facility, as well as a percentage of each card transaction.

Merchants service providers will usually also offer a customer Chip and PIN machines for small business alongside the merchant account, although it is possible to set up a merchant account and buy or lease a Chip and PIN machine separately.

Service plans are likely to vary in what they offer, so it is important to do some research before choosing a merchant service plan – and shop around.

When choosing Chip and PIN machines for small business, look for add-ons such as eCommerce processing if your business trades online – or a batch fee per certain number of transactions, which may be cheaper than paying fees per transaction.

The best merchant accounts may also include:

  • A business overview, which will analyse where savings might be made in your business
  • Low fees per transaction – some card rates may be under 1%
  • Look for service plans which do not charge a set up fee or impose an early termination fee, or fees for leasing your payment terminal
  • Look for flexibility – if you are likely to need a short-term lease on card terminals or merchant processing for special events such as trade fairs, look for providers which can offer these along with your merchant account and card processing terminal.

It is also crucial that small businesses have access to a reliable help desk and support centre, so make sure providers of Chip and PIN machines for small business can offer support when you need it.

If you would like more information and free quotes to help you choose the best Chip and PIN machines for small business, complete our online enquiry form.

Our agreed suppliers are nationwide and will provide free quotes within 48 hours without obligation to help you decide on the right Chip and PIN solution for your small business.

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