Does my business really need mobile credit card terminals?

The simple answer is yes, your business can see real benefits to using mobile credit card terminals, in profits, customer relations, employee productivity and future planning.

What are mobile credit card terminals?

Current mobile credit card terminals use wireless connections or mobile phone networks to process credit and debit card transactions almost anywhere. Whilst a network connection is needed, these are incredibly comprehensive and offer real flexibility.

Where can mobile credit card terminals be used?

Any business which makes sales away from a fixed till point, or plans to in the future, will benefit from using mobile credit card terminals. This includes businesses that sell at trade shows, offer door to door services or indeed offer any product or service away from a regular retail location.

How your business will benefit from using mobile credit card terminals

From the moment you invest in mobile credit card terminals, your business will see the following benefits and more;

  • Payment can be taken as soon as work is completed, on site, avoiding lengthy invoice procedures, cheques or postal delays.
  • Improves business cash flow by speeding up payment.
  • Removes the need for employees and customers to carry around large amounts of cash.
  • No landline is required.
  • All transactions can be carried out on mobile credit card terminals in front of the customer, this improves trust and helps to safeguard against fraud.
  • The terminal is constantly online, ensuring that bank authorisation can be obtained in just a few seconds, so when a transaction needs to be made, it is made quickly.
  • Payments can be taken any day of the year, any time of day and wherever your customer is.
  • Greatly reduces paperwork and speeds up administration.
  • Allows your business to grow. By freeing up time spent chasing debts or doing paperwork, employees can dedicate their time to customer service, chasing sales or looking for ways to make the business expand.
  • Demonstrates a forward thinking and customer driven business ethos.
  • Opens up new possibilities for where business can be carried out, freeing sales from a shop, office or restaurant.
  • Certain mobile phones can be used as the terminal, accepting payment even more quickly and easily.

Purchasing the best system for your needs

If your business already accepts card payments, you will already have a merchant account and payment gateway set up with a bank which authorises these. Therefore, if you are upgrading to mobile credit card terminals you need to choose a service which is compatible with your existing account. You will also be able to research the best mobile network provider to run your system with, ensuring the best possible coverage for your terminal to run on.

Other features to consider on your mobile credit card terminals are good screen lighting, clear and easy to use displays, a lightweight design, long battery life in standby and full use modes, a fast printer, a magnetic strip card reader and USB connector points.

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