The advantages of mobile card terminals

After the inception of chip and pin debit and credit cards the card processing machine has become a staple part of any shopping trip. Most established businesses that you enter and often a lot of small businesses will now have credit/debit card processing machines that allow the clients/customers to pay using their card instead of having to use cash or the rather outdated payment form of a cheque. As the popularity has grown more and more consumers have started to rely on their card to pay for most things from a chocolate bar or a packet of chewing gum to big purchases like televisions or even cars, people feel comfortable paying using their card. As a result of this mobile card terminals have been developed and they are becoming increasingly popular due to their undeniable versatility. For certain businesses the use of mobile chip and pin machines will make life a lot easier both for the company’s employees and the customers. Despite the fact that they are a little bit more expensive than the normal wired in payment terminals they are often a lot more convenient and they can speed up the process of payment which is worth paying that little bit extra money for.

What sort of business are mobile chip and pin machines advantageous for?

It is mainly jobs in the service sector that benefit from mobile payment terminals as it allows your business to provide a more convenient and pleasant service for the customer. In a business where customer service is key you will always want to ensure that everything from greetings to payments are faultless and mobile card terminals are an important part of this. If you run a restaurant for example, especially a very large and busy restaurant it is a lot more convenient both for your members of staff and your customers if a mobile payment terminal can be brought directly to the table of the paying customer allowing them to simply enter their card, add a tip if they would like to and then make the payment, the machine will then wirelessly process the payment in seconds producing a receipt for the customer and one for company and the transaction is done.

This is a lot quicker than making the customer get up from their table to go over to a designated payment point where they may have to queue and could become frustrated. For this reason mobile chip and pin machines are an important consideration when you are looking to compare credit card terminals.

Can mobile card terminals work outside of the designated workplace?

Yes, GPRS technology, similar to that used on smartphones allows some mobile chip and pin machines to work outside of the designated building and away from the wireless connection. For example if you order a pizza they can now send a card machine with the driver so that you do not have to give all of your details over the phone.


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